Ep. 13 Dana Rourke on meeting the voice in your head with compassion and ending performative beauty standards.

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We talk about:

  • growing up thinking your body is your currency.

  • what it’s like to finally live your life when you start living for yourself and not for how others experience you.

  • breaking up with the voice in your head that treats you like shit

  • learning to perform to be certain versions of ourselves in order to be lovable. 

  • how women bond over weight and complaining about our bodies.

  • Not looking for other external things to fix us.

More about Dana:
Trained as a Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher and Body Trust® Provider, Dana is a Body Image and Eating Disorder Recovery Coach who works with womyn and femmes in a body-centric way to help them heal their relationships with food and their body by reclaiming their innate worth and trust in themselves. Combining radical self-care, yoga, Body Trust® Wellness, and a non-diet, weight-inclusive approach to wellness, Dana’s clients begin to make peace with food and their body through her workshops, group programs and one-on-one sessions, offered in person and virtually. Working with individuals who struggle with Binge Eating Disorder, Orthorexia, disordered eating, chronic dieting backlash, compulsive exercise, and negative body image, Dana uses her training in Motivational Interviewing to help her clients learn to turn towards themselves with kindness and work for and with their body, not to and on it. Healing requires us to put plans for weight-loss on the back burner so we can address the underlying causes of our dissatisfaction. Dana believes that our bodies are not the problem, the negative and bias beliefs about food and our bodies we learn from culture are. Fortunately with a little help (and some rebellion and curiosity) we can shift our focus from fixing to healing, resenting to accepting, and start to live a fuller life of more ease, purpose, joy, and freedom. You can find Dana during her “off-hours” hanging out with her cat, being an Auntie, taking in live music and slaying the patriarchy one compassionate and fierce act at a time!

You can find Dana Rourke and Reclaiming The Wild:

Website: https://www.reclaimingthewild.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/reclaiming.the.wild
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/reclaiming.the.wild/

Check out Dana’s FB Live show “The Hump Day Hiatus” here: https://www.facebook.com/events/698500277169772/
Check out Dana’s upcoming 7-Week online course starting March 19 to help people find body acceptance and make peace with food here: https://www.reclaimingthewild.com/your-wild-body-online-course

Ep.11 Advocating for yourself with Polly Hawver

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Enjoy this beautiful laughter filled conversation with Polly. Grab a coffee and come hang out with us. We talk about: 

  • Not during certain sports as a kid because of them being “male” vs. “female” 

  • advocating for yourself (teaching kids this and knowing as an adult) no matter if that’s around movement, food or anything in your life. How to start small with this and build up the advocating for yourself muscle.

  • knowing it’s okay to say no.

  • the importance of having spaces that exist for marginalized folks (esp. in fitness spaces but really everywhere. 

  • accepting that you might alienate people when you tell your truth

  • the problem with THE EXPERT

  • sitting in hard feelings vs. doing something about them. Different things work on different days and learning what works best for us. 

More about Polly:
Polly is a certified strength & life coach. Polly found her inner strength thru powerlifting & has since made it her mission to support others in finding their passion and true power. When she’s not working with clients, she’s busy taking naps, hiking in the great NW and learning how to share her ice cream with her wife, Emily and rescue pup, Juno. 

You can find Polly + Big Fun Fitness here: 

Website: www.bigfunfitness.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bigfunfitness/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pollyjune

Ep. 10 Rachelle Clayton on all bodies having the right to enjoy movement, accessibility and reevaluating the rules we make for ourselves as we grow.

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SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS EPISODE. Rachelle is a women’s health & movement coach based in Oz and she is genuine, loving and completely GETS IT. And NOT in a “I’m following a few people on social media or I downloaded an ebook so I think I get it” kind of way. She is fantastic in supporting people in all bodies. She’s one of those people that I feel so much relief in knowing she exists and wish more people would follow her lead with how they work with people around fitness. 

What we talk about:

  • feeling that you are not worthy because you are a certain size

  • ways to get out of gym class as a kid and how that impacted our feelings of worth and our relationship with fitness now

  • how the opposite of perfection is not everything goes to shit

  • all bodies have the right to enjoy movement no matter where they are in life

  • how to focus on staying in your own lane and not worrying about what everyone else is doing

  • what you do can and how to actually get started moving your body without leaving the house with only a few minutes and with no equipment

  • being a mom and the importance of how we talk about ourselves and how she helps her 12 year old daughter navigate the young girl to young woman space.

  • how there is more about exercise than weight loss

  • a time a doctor told her she should only eat 800 calories per day

More about Rachelle:
Rachelle is from MEEACTIVE based in Queensland, Australia. She is a Women’s Health & Movement Coach please working and helps women step off the sidelines and lean into life through movement/lifestyle and mindset.

You can find her here: 

Website: http://meepersonaltraining.com.au/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/meeactivembl

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/meeactivembl/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_Ch1J53E43ChkcfmPsqHYA?view_as=subscriber

If you are in/around Queensland - Rachelle will be hosting a one day FitPro workshop in conjunction with the Body Positive Fitness Alliance: https://www.facebook.com/events/2103277196659304/

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Ep. 9, Solo Why complimenting weight loss is a problem

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In this solo episode I talk about: 

  • My own experience with weight loss compliments
  • What I say and do
  • Why weight loss compliments and celebrations are a a problem and why not commenting about bodies changing is important.


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The space between achievement + surrender with Tiffany Han

n this episode I talked to Tiffany Han - creative business coach, mentor, writer and host of Raise Your Hand Say Yes podcast. 

We talk about:

  • Pregnancy and weight gain and post pregnancy frustration and how telling someone “love their body” can feel inaccessible. 

  • acknowledging discomfort. People don’t need to hear that it’s wrong to be uncomfortable. 

  • doing exercise for the first time to feel good in body and not to change body

  • the problem with the phrase “ugh. she’s so skinny i hate her”

  • making more deliberate decisions in life

  • balancing the space between being an achiever and embracing active surrender. 

  • Chasing worth with business goals and money. Acknowledging that these are great but it’s not going to be one day you wake up and then you hit the goal and everything changed. 

  • Why it’s problematic to compliment people on weight loss

  • seeing the link between how we talk about our bodies and what kids take in. How we demonize our body 

  • Breaking down what feeling good in our body means and how to measure this if you aren’t using the scale as a measure of this. 

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Ep.7 Mary Ann Clements on taking care of ourselves + challenging learned beliefs.

Ep.7 Mary Ann Clements on taking care of ourselves + challenging learned beliefs.

We talk about:

self care being how we treat our bodies, how we move and what we eat

How doing all the things actually makes us less effective.

Thinking that existing in a larger body was a problem and how the idea that you could be comfortable taking up more space was not allowed and that weight loss was the way to be successful.

Why we actually should be listening to 3 year olds to teach us how to eat.

How restriction is often the opposite of what we want. We do these diets and programs that lead us to be less healthy, less happy and less nourished because we go against what our bodies feel they need.

The idea of what is wrapped up in thinness how that comes before being intelligent. Our other successes become secondary to pursuing diet goals. It’s always “if i can lose weight then…”

The boom and bust cycles of movement practices and what the alternative of joyful movement can look like.

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Ep.6: Trish Corley on yoga, competition, power, rest and acceptance.

Trish is a yoga teacher that welcomes people where they are at in the moment they are at. I went to one of her yoga classes and didn't feel like there was a set formula that you could "mess up" and I know that is what a lot of yoga is supposed to be like, but I've been to a bunch of classes and this was one of the only times I felt IN my body while doing yoga. She meets people where they are at in their practice and is a rock star teacher. We had a great conversation that digs into body image, competition, power, rest and acceptance. And just like all my podcast episodes - this is never about perfect conversations or getting everything "right" this is about honest conversations without judgement. 

Here is a bit of what we cover:

  • we talked about competitive sports environments and body image.
  • We talked about the power of words and comments when we are kids even from well meaning adults but how that can impact us.
  • We talk about freedom and being brave and trying new things when the element of competition and pressure is gone.
  • We talk about power: defining it and how it has a huge element of rest and ease it it. It’s not just about being big and bold. There can and is a softness to power. 
  • We talk about accepting failure and knowing it’s okay.

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Ep.5 Me, solo. Let's talk about resistance

This is my first solo episode (woohoooo!) I talk about how resistance has been showing up for me lately, especially in my work. 

- How to recognize it
- How to get out of it
- What to do next time it comes up. 
- How when things are going well, it's easy for the resistance train to come to town and slow you down. 

"Rule of thumb: The more important a call or action is to our soul's evolution, the more resistance we will feel toward pursuing it" - Steven Pressfield from the book DO THE WORK. 

Ep. 4 Tillie Hasson on being worthy and not hustling for acceptance

Ep. 4 Tillie Hasson on being worthy and not hustling for acceptance

Tillie has a religious and spiritual practice and the way she talks about it all is so approachable and not judgmental. She acknowledges that it’s not for everybody. If you are reading this and thinking Kim? Spiritual practices? what? Just listen. Tillie is an A+ human and she says bucket loads of smart things. Promise. She is full of truth and power and strikes the perfect balance between bold and serenity.

We talk about:
- learning to cope with life besides escaping through food.
- messages we get as girls to be quiet, smart and small
- putting on a brave space when it can feel like you are falling apart
understanding that your worth is a given
- Spiritual journeys
- Feelings not being right vs. wrong. They are just feelings.
- Getting cat calls at 11years old and the discomfort of puberty (+  would would have helped!)
- wanting to hide but wanting to be seen at the same time.
- not being given the same access as someone in a female identified body as a male identified body.
- not hustling for acceptance
- worthiness and that we don’t need to change to receive love.

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Ep.3: Katie Majewski Feeley

Ep.3: Katie Majewski Feeley

A brilliant conversation with Katie Majewski Feeley. A lifelong athlete, Katie grew up playing softball and volleyball and running around with the neighborhood kids. Despite always being active and working in gyms since 2005, she never anticipated a career in fitness. To listen directly on Itunes/subscribe/review the show - please click here! 

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Ep. 2. Lindsey Desmarais Nubern

Ep. 2. Lindsey Desmarais Nubern

Lindsey Desmaris Nubern is all kinds of awesome.  Lindsey's been traveling full time for three years with her husband Adam. They've campervanned New Zealand, backpacked south east Asia, RVed the US (you may have seen them on HGTV's Tiny House Hunters), and now they're traveling Europe. They call their adventures, their #nuventures. To listen directly on Itunes/subscribe/review the show - please click here! 

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Introduction to F Your Diet

This is a quick intro to what the podcast is all about. Thanks for listening! To listen directly on Itunes/subscribe/review the show - please click here! 

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