Ep.3: Katie Majewski Feeley

Katie Majewski Feeley, Ep. 3-2.png

A brilliant conversation with Katie Majewski Feeley 

In this episode, we covered:

  • focusing on what you can actually do - not what you look like when talking about fitness
  • how you can’t be all things to all people
  • how everyone has a horror childhood gym class story
  • weightlifting if you are new to it
  • exploring movement for all bodies
  • not pretending to be someone else and just being yourself
  • finding your people
  • not being everyone’s “cup of tea” and why that is okay. 
  • loads more! 

A lifelong athlete, Katie grew up playing softball and volleyball and running around with the neighborhood kids. Despite always being active and working in gyms since 2005, she never anticipated a career in fitness. While working on a Bachelor’s degree in Political Communication at The George Washington University, Katie was introduced to rock climbing. She continued rock climbing after college, which led her to both weightlifting and her future husband (and co-owner of Power Plant Gym). After deciding that politics was not her thing, Katie worked various jobs including positions at a globo gym, a bookstore, and an environmental non-profit. Eventually she realized that her passion was truly in strength training and fitness, so she left her desk job in 2012 to become a full-time personal trainer. Katie is infinitely enthusiastic about getting stronger herself and introducing literally everyone to strength training.

Katie has actively trained for and competed in CrossFit, powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, and strong(wo)man. She currently competes in multiple strength disciplines, coaches a team of badass ladies in strong(wo)man and powerlifting (#katiesladies), works with personal training clients, and teaches CrossFit classes. Katie is also a strength coach for four collegiate women’s teams: basketball, lacrosse, and softball at Widener University; and basketball at Philadelphia University. Beginning in January 2017, Katie is also an adjunct professor of physical education at Widener University.

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