Oh, hello there! I’m Kimberly. I go by Kim, but I like to write my name out the long way because It makes me feel fancy.

I know you. How? Because I’ve been you. I’ve been there. You are kind, smart, a freaking amazing friend, loving daughter/sister/ mom/aunt. You are really good at your job, you write your friends birthday cards to send in the mail, you try to be healthy and eat right and work out and not watch too much TV. You also get overwhelmed. You try to be good at everything at the time.

You want to show up, do a good job, do the right thing. You usually do. It’s a lot though. You get tired, it wears on you, you feel like you have to be perfect and you see so many things in extremes of black and white. If you don’t do it, you suck and you messed up. If you do, you are fantastic and amazing. Look, there IS a middle ground.

It’s a magical place where life is just a little bit less hard. When you give yourself the permission to be just okay or wait for it… even kind of shit at some things you FEEL BETTER.

I spent a long long time from a young age feeling like I needed to be thin, actually specifically I needed to weight 125 - 135 pounds because according to the BMI scale that was what I was supposed to be. I labeled foods as good and bad. If I ate too much pasta it was bad and I was bad for eating it. If I ate salad or steamed brocoli with chicken and tofu it was good and I was good for eating it.

15 + years of thinking this way didn’t help. It never helped me lose weight, feel good about my body, like how I looked in a mirror, have energy or believe in myself. I was stuck in that place. It left me feeling amazing on days I only ate “good” food and depressed on days I ate pizza at 2am with friends.

It wasn’t just food though, it was with my job, with relationships and pretty much with everything I was doing in my life. I wasn’t making the right decisions for me. I had shitty office jobs (well dream jobs that turned into jobs I hated), relationships that sucked, friends I didn’t know why I was friends with and a lot of travel pins on my pinterest board of places I wanted to travel to, but never went because of time/money/no one to go with.

What changed?

  • I started running 
  • I took solo travel trips 
  •  I stopped thinking the things I wanted were only for other people.
  • I started to ask myself WHY NOT ME. That question focused me, pushed me and helped me question all the things I used to tell myself of why I couldn’t “just lose weight, travel, be happy”
  • All the things on my list that I wanted to do, but made up silly reasons of why I couldn’t, I started doing them, one small step (but sometimes big leap) at a time.

I learned that extremes never work

They did not work with what I ate or with my life. I learned how to pay attention to what feels good for me. Sometimes I DO eat cake for breakfast. Usually I eat eggs, spinach, spelt toast bread or greek yogurt with fruit because it gives me energy and makes me feel good, but if I wake up on a Tuesday and I really want chocolate, guess what? I EAT THE CHOCOLATE. I dont’ set rules for myself that make me feel bad or guilty. Not with food, not with life. It’s not easy. It’s taken time, but it is amazing. It is freeing. I feel good. I don’t exercise because I am trying to lose weight (though that’s fine if you are), I do it because it helps me FEEL strong and clears my mind.

What you get when you work with me are not quick fixes, BS or long lists of expensive ingredients you have never heard of and will stop using after 4 weeks. You will be lovingly called out your nonsense (the things you know, but others are too nice to call you out on). You won't get a shitty diet plan or a guide to manifest radical self love. You will get easy to follow suggestions and plans that are hard, fun and work long term. You will stop thinking of everything in extremes. You will push yourself and you will feel better about food. You will learn that the cookie you ate really is JUST a cookie - even if it’s not #sugarfree/dailyfree/gluten free. It is still JUST A COOKIE.

I’ve been in your shoes. I know you want someone that GETS IT. I’m not the American coach that has 1 client in Canada and tells people “I work with people around the globe.” I grew up and studied in the United States, I lived/worked/studied in Europe and I now live and work in Asia so YES, I have really worked with people all around the globe in different cultures, of all ages and from many different backgrounds. I know my shit. I understand it and I’ve thrown myself into the deep end many times so when I say to you “I’ve been there” I HAVE.

I want you to stop passing mirrors and secretly thinking “ugh I am so fat” or scrolling through your facebook/instagram feed and thinking omg she is so thin then going through and stalking all her photos and feeling bad about yourself because you don’t look the same. Do you still want to feel the same way in 6 months? 5 years? If not, let’s talk.

How am I different? 

I am a coach for normal women that don’t want to manifest things or go on a juice cleanse. They want real talk about what works and to finally stop lumping everything into all good or all bad - both with food AND with life. There is more to wellness than the singular image of a white woman with perfect abs that buys all organic food. There is nothing wrong with this person or body because All bodies are good bodies, BUT wellness isn’t only for one type of person. I don’t like "clean eating," sugar clenases, juice cleanses or elimination diets. There is a time and place for everything - working with me is not the time or place for any of these things. I will have you experiment with food AND your life, but I’m not going to call it a diet and make you stop eating all the things you like. That's not fun for anyone...oh and it doesn't work. 

I am not down with body positive people that are uncomfortable with fat but pretend not to be. I don’t advocate for any one body type and if someone is happy, feels good and is healthy in their body then it does NOT matter what package that person comes in. If what other people are selling works so well THEN WHY has "the problem" not been solved? What DOES work is allowing people to trust themsleves and their body and supporting each other through ups and downs and meeting people where they are. What does not work are creating diets and programs that last one month, lack support and create short term success, but not long term change. I promise it’s okay to eat pizza today and you don’t need to run an extra mile tomorrow to make up for it. (but you can run all the miles if you want to because if you work with me, you will be getting down with an exercise routine that actually works). 

Professional bits you probably don't care about, but I will share anyway so you don't have to stalk me on LinkedIn while hiding your profile so I don't know you are stalking me: 

  • I have a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from George Washington University in Washington DC, USA
  • I have a Masters degree in Public Relations from London College of Communication in London, UK
  • I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach from the Institute of integrative Nutrition in New York, USA
  • I have worked with Weight Watchers, Girls Incorporated, and Girls on the Run and Girl Scouts, U.N. Women, SISU Girls and I am also an affiliated professional of the Body Positive Fitness Alliance. 
  • I have experience working in the U.S., U.K, China, and Singapore and have worked with people in North America and throughout Europe and Asia. I have tried and tested what works and doesn't work with women all around the world and I know you don't need another person giving you another diet plan or cleanse marketed as something else that is actually just another diet. I'm saying this not to tell you all the places I have been. I am sharing that girls and women of all ages around the world struggle with the same issues. It's time we realized we are not alone. You don't have to feel bad about eating a cookie and think you need to go for a run because of it. There is another brilliant option.