Ep. 2. Lindsey Desmarais Nubern

Lindsey D Ep. 2-2.png

Lindsey Desmaris Nubern is all kinds of awesome. 

Lindsey's been traveling full time for three years with her husband Adam. They've campervanned New Zealand, backpacked south east Asia, RVed the US (you may have seen them on HGTV's Tiny House Hunters), and now they're traveling Europe. They call their adventures, their #nuventures. Lindsey journals their travels on their website: nuventuretravels.com and she has a photography business at nuventurephotography.com.

Here is a bit of what we covered in this episode: 

  • what feeling good with food might look like
  • challenges of access to fresh food
  • defining being “healthier”
  • food as an expression of love
  • culturely a larger body being a sign of being loved and taken care of in a different country
  • light + thin being good and big and heavy being bad and how this assumption is not true.
  • feeling insecure vs secure and comparing ourselves with other people
  • Our health as not just a physical bodies.
  • And loads more goodness!

Lindsey also just came out with a children's book about a traveling pelican name Putih She says: "One of the biggest reasons we decided to travel was to learn all the differences in cultures around the world, but what we really found in 3.5 years of travel is were all more alike than different." Check it out here. 

 You can stay up to date at @nuventuretravels on Facebook and Instagram.

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