Truth Tuesdays

Join me every Tuesday for Truth Tuesdays, my community email. 

We don't grow and learn and heal our sh*t alone. We need people. We need connection. We need laughs. You know when you were in high school and had that one friend you sometimes didn't want to tell something to because you knew that would always give it to you straight? I'm that friend. I love you and tell you the truth. 

I know you sometimes have the voice in your head that says: 

  • “ugh she lost so much weight. What’s wrong with me. I’m so gross”
  • “I wish I could do more. I’m so behind on life”
  • "I'm a bad mom." or "I can't let them eat that, they will get fat" 
  • "I wish I could just get it together. I can't believe I'm still dealing with this" 

I also know that sometimes you feel alone and like you are the only person that experiences something. Or you know that you are not, but are embarrassed that UGH after all this time you still feel the way you do and that shame makes you not want to share it out loud. I get it. I like to share in hopes that you feel less alone - no matter what is going on. Truth, laughs, learning and love without a filter. 


What comes on Truth Tuesdays? My not so secret thoughts and musings on:

  •  food, diet culture, and the dangers of the wellness industry
  • perfectionism and worrying about getting EVERYTHING wrong in life and worrying about what everyone else thinks
  • movement, mental health, access, generally how to show up when everything is hard
  • It might include a link to a Dolly Parton song just because.


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I’m not building an exclusive community that leaves people out or behind or feeds on scarcity and makes you feel crummy. NOPE - not here!  I’m building a community that invites people in - that’s supports each other and lovingly always tells the truth and laughs together.
I would love to have you be a part of it. 

   A little bit about me: 


Kim is a teacher, speaker and coach on a mission to dismantle diet culture and educate on the "wellness" industry. She works with smart women that are into body positivity but still struggle with food + body and want to stop giving their power away + trust themselves so they don’t pass on BS body + beauty rules to the next generation. She can be found on Instagram @KimberlyWeiss + @lifestylechangebarbie and on her podcast F Your Diet. 

"Kim is a great non-sugar-coated cheerleader. She's more genuine. Most people are too instagram-filtered"  
 “Very warm and compassionate but also a fantastic BS detector!” 
"Bright energy and raw passion for helping everyone"