Ep.6: Trish Corley on yoga, competition, power, rest and acceptance.

Trish is a yoga teacher that welcomes people where they are at in the moment they are at. I went to one of her yoga classes and didn't feel like there was a set formula that you could "mess up" and I know that is what a lot of yoga is supposed to be like, but I've been to a bunch of classes and this was one of the only times I felt IN my body while doing yoga. She meets people where they are at in their practice and is a rock star teacher. We had a great conversation that digs into body image, competition, power, rest and acceptance. And just like all my podcast episodes - this is never about perfect conversations or getting everything "right" this is about honest conversations without judgement. 

Here is a bit of what we cover:

  • we talked about competitive sports environments and body image.
  • We talked about the power of words and comments when we are kids even from well meaning adults but how that can impact us.
  • We talk about freedom and being brave and trying new things when the element of competition and pressure is gone.
  • We talk about power: defining it and how it has a huge element of rest and ease it it. It’s not just about being big and bold. There can and is a softness to power. 
  • We talk about accepting failure and knowing it’s okay.

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