The space between achievement + surrender with Tiffany Han

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In this episode I talked to Tiffany Han - creative business coach, mentor, writer and host of Raise Your Hand Say Yes podcast. 

We talk about:

  • Pregnancy and weight gain and post pregnancy frustration and how telling someone “love their body” can feel inaccessible. 
  • acknowledging discomfort. People don’t need to hear that it’s wrong to be uncomfortable. 
  • doing exercise for the first time to feel good in body and not to change body
  • the problem with the phrase “ugh. she’s so skinny i hate her”
  • making more deliberate decisions in life
  • balancing the space between being an achiever and embracing active surrender. 
  • Chasing worth with business goals and money. Acknowledging that these are great but it’s not going to be one day you wake up and then you hit the goal and everything changed. 
  • Why it’s problematic to compliment people on weight loss
  • seeing the link between how we talk about our bodies and what kids take in. How we demonize our body 
  • Breaking down what feeling good in our body means and how to measure this if you aren’t using the scale as a measure of this. 

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** I want to note that I use the term “crazy” a few times. I am doing work to fix my ableist language and sometimes it still comes up. I apologize for this happening more than once in this episode. 

Connect with Tiffany: 
Web: | insta: @thetiffanyhan | podcast: Raise Your Hand Say Yes

Tiffany's upcoming program: 31 Days to Flow