Ep. 4 Tillie Hasson on being worthy and not hustling for acceptance

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Tillie has a religious and spiritual practice and the way she talks about it all is so approachable and not judgmental. She acknowledges that it’s not for everybody. (If you are reading this and thinking Kim? Spiritual practices? what? Just listen. Tillie is an A+ human and she says bucket loads of smart things. Promise #namaste). She is full of truth and power and strikes the perfect balance between bold and serenity.

We talk about:
- learning to cope with life besides escaping through food.
- messages we get as girls to be quiet, smart and small
- putting on a brave space when it can feel like you are falling apart
understanding that your worth is a given
- Spiritual journeys
- Feelings not being right vs. wrong. They are just feelings.
- Getting cat calls at 11years old and the discomfort of puberty (+  would would have helped!)
- wanting to hide but wanting to be seen at the same time.
- not being given the same access as someone in a female identified body as a male identified body.
- not hustling for acceptance
- worthiness and that we don’t need to change to receive love.

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More on Tillie and how to connect:

Tillie is a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner through Centers for Spiritual Living and currently a Certified Body Trust Provider trainee.

She says: "Since a very young age I believed in a Higher Power that I called God, but through my teen and young adult years, I lost that deep connected feeling.  As many young women do, I began to obsess about my body size and began what felt like a never-ending cycle of dieting and hating my body.  What began as hating my body became a self-loathing that I couldn't shake on my own.  I was deeply lost, untethered to life and drifting through darkness.

It was in this drifting place that a friend introduced me to a different spiritual outlook called New Thought and my spiritual homecoming began.  My heart and soul recognized Truth in the teachings of New Thought.  It was a balm to my weary and bruised heart.  It was the first time I heard that I was whole and complete and there was nothing about me that needed to be fixed in order to be worthy of love and belonging.  And the most amazing thing is these are Universal truths and apply to everyone!  As I deepen this knowing of and for myself, I am able to hold these truths for everyone I work with, too.  Body Trust then builds on this self-acceptance.  Accepting your body, regardless of size, shape or ability is a courageous act in a world that teaches the exact opposite.  It's a process that is made easier in community."

Online home: www.bodygracereunion.com (website coming soon)
Reach out here to Tillie directly here: Practitionertillie@gmail.com