F Your Diet for people who are tired of all the bullshit and crave real stories. This is a space to share and explore conversations around body, food, movement and perfection. It is a place to call out diet culture and the marketing that goes into it - See: “cleanse” “detox”  and of course my personal favorite “clean eating.” It is a place to stop labeling food/fitness/EVERYTHING we do in life as good vs. bad and accept that we are all just doing our best.

We are all the same. We all struggle. We all have ups and downs. The power of the "me too" can be transformative and healing. This is a podcast for community and conversations that make a difference and give people a space to feel heard and understood.

I won't give you the same story about following your passion that you hear elsewhere (don't want to? great - don't!) - but instead I will bring people together to have conversations that make a difference in your life. It is a place to heal, connect and share in the power of storytelling. Hearing someone share an experience that makes you shout out "ME TOO!!" can be the exact thing to help you feel less alone and more connected.The power of the "me too" can be transformative and healing. I believe everyone has an important story to tell and life experience to share. When we are given a platform to do so, we can change lives. Your voice matters. There are women ALL around the world that have felt/said/experienced/thought the same things - we just need to open up, share and listen. 

F Your Diet It’s a place for fun, daring, and honest conversations with women that are not afraid to drop the bullshit. Join me?