You want to feel good in your jeans.
You want to stop weighing yourself at the start of the day and letting that decide your mood.
You want energy during the day and to feel calmer and not obsess and overthink about food and everything else in your life and ALL THE THINGS YOU HAVE TO DO.
You say you want to" be healthy, fit, feel good" - Let’s figure out what these actually mean for you. 
You are ready to be honest about what’s being going on and work through it. 
You are open to trying new things and getting uncomfortable.
You are also okay with someone that likes to say swear words and that will call you in when you need a supportive push.
You are sick and tired of not feeling good, saying mean things to yourself when you look in the mirror and chasing diets that only work short term. You are over comparing yourself to others (how you look, what you do and eat and what everyone will think).

Yes, Yes and YES! But how does it all work? 

Ready for change - Let’s go deep

You are ready to get honest with yourself and stop repeating the same BS stories about you not being good enough. You are way too smart for that and you know it. This is a three month one-on-one coaching package done via video conference. Lots of truth, bold moves forward, fun and heaps of accountability. I have your back and I know you can do this. 

We meet every other month for 3 months of deep conversations, accountability, and support. Truth, courage, love, challenges and giving you what you REALLY need that you have been searching for in diet programs and perfection. We can do this. We are in this together. It's a partnership, not just doing it alone.

Quick and dirty deep dive

We jump right into what is going on so you can get clear, make a plan that is not crazy and get you out of that place of “AH I’m stuck, I’m overwhelmed, I don’t know where to begin.” Hell yes. Ninety minutes, you + me, let's go. 

75 minutes together with someone that will listen, understand and do the work WITH you, You walk away feeling supported and confident. NOT shamed or judged. I have your back. I trust you and your body - you can do. (Even though sometimes it feels like you can't). 

Women Coming Together

Not sure about 1-on-1 (I promise it’s not scary), but like working more in groups? Get yourself on the waitlist for my next group program.

There is magic when women join together to dive into diet culture, breaking down perfection and writing new rules for doing what we want to do. Sign for my next group program coming in 2018. Let's stop passing body and beauty expectations to our girls.

I am IN, but I want to know more! Don't worry, I've got you covered. 

You were able to get to the point within our first hour which is pretty amazing as I know I have a tendency to ignore talking/thinking about things that are too difficult to face. While sometimes, they might not be so difficult with a little help. I like your approach, your style and let’s not forget your language which allows me to say f*ck and s*it when I need to!
— Anneke
Previously, I tended to have this all or nothing type thinking, which usually meant I got nothing done. I’m still working on this skill but it is 100 times better than it was before.
— Rebecca
I am learning to do what I want and need to do!! I really appreciate your support and insight. I am so happy to be OK WITH OK and actually really loving it. I’ve had moments when I wanted to feel GOOD and didn’t and wanted to be OK and wasn’t. I’m finally now learning how to take things slower being OK with OK (remember your advice from our call - really sunk in!) and most importantly self care - i never realized how i was putting everyone and everything wayyy ahead of me and not taking care of myself.
— Megan