How it works: 

Full Package:

We set up a quick consultation call via video conference to see where you are at and make sure we are the right fit for each other. This is important. I don't want you to invest time, money and energy in the wrong person. We need to make sure we get along and feel comfortable with each other. If there are any concerns on either end - we can talk about it and I will always make sure I refer you to someone if either of us feels that the fit is not right. If we are a right fit and you want to work together then I will send you a contract to sign. You submit payment and we will work together for whatever sessions you decide on (3, 5, or 10). 

Working together will be hour long calls, deep listening, follow up emails and way more than a pre-packaged plan and a YOU CAN DO IT CHEER. (though I do love a cheer and I WILL tell you that, BUT you need more than a cheer) I will support you, skill build, hold you accountable and build new muscles around this work. We will work on expressing what you really want - even in the face of conflict. Things do get challenging and this work is not just about doing something that works for 3 months - it's about developing skills and the muscles and training these muscles and convictions so that when things do get hard because (hello life! you are human) you can stand your ground. This is the work we do together. 

What you get:

  • Your allotted sessions for 1 hour each done remotely via Skype or Zoom. 
  • Email notes post call with what we discussed, key takeaways and next steps
  • tailored to you actionable takeaways, plans and support you to propel you forward and help you take action to create change.
  • relevant articles, books, recipes and other helpful materials for your journey
  • availability over email between sessions when you need support
  • on going accountability to make sure you are sticking to your action items, setting goals and offering flexibility to guide you in changing them when something is not working

3 sessions = $390
5 sessions = $620
10 sessions = $1200

Power Session: 

 Quick and Dirty deep dive. If we are just doing a one off session (LET’S DO IT!) you can go ahead and fill out this form right now and pick a time for a call. You submit payment and we get ready to rock our world in 75 minutes. We talk and dig into what is going on so you can gain some clarity and structure that leaves you feeling confident and less overwhelmed. 

What you get: 

  • 75 minute 1-1 coaching call done remotely via Skype or Zoom
  • tailored to you actionable takeaways and plan to enable you to move forward
  • email follow-up post call with full notes to review
  • email follow-up one month after call to check in and hold you accountable and support you. 

Price: $140 USD


Q. I’m nervous
A. It’s okay. We can talk about your nerves and anything else - email me! I'm also very approachable and warm and will always meet you where you are. I will never make you feel bad and will always encourage you. 

Q. I want to lose weight. I’m all for body positivity, but I still want to be a size 6.
A. I have zero judgements about what size you should be. I trust you and your body. 

Q. But what about when things get hard. 
A: I FEEL YOU because things do get hard. Anyone telling you they are going to solve all your problems with the click of a button is full of crap. When things get challenging you are someone that always tries to do the right thing and now according to the standards of our culture you are going to do the wrong thing and there is going to be friction there and we are going to work on that muscle and help train it every day. This work is not just about doing something that works for 3 months or one quick session - it's about developing skills and muscles and training these new muscles and convictions so that when things do get hard because (hello life! you are human) you can stand your ground. This is the work we do together. It's not false promises and magic. It's just you and me, talking about real life. 

Q. I have more questions. 
A. No problem, email me at I am happy to answer any questions about me, my approach or working together.