I can't decide what to do. Why you can't make a decision and what to do about it.

Indecision is not a decision. Sometimes it is hard to decide. Sometimes we choose to not make a decision just because it's easier to deal with later - or so we tell ourselves. What is stopping you from making a decision?

What is it? What can’t you decide? Is it what to eat for dinner? A dress to get for a wedding? Or is it something bigger, like a job promotion? Or just generally what to do with your career?

I think you do know what you want. I think the indecisiveness is not that you don’t know. It’s that you do know, but that you are afraid of making the wrong choice, afraid of something going wrong, afraid of something not being perfect or doing something the wrong way.


  • How much time have you wasted not making a decision?
  • Where is it getting you?
  • Why are you procrastinating?
  • What is life going to be like if you keep doing this?
  • Do you really want to stay stuck in the not making decision holding pattern? It sounds frustrating.

If everything does go wrong is it going to be okay? Yes it will be. Even if it’s not right away, eventually you will be. Move to a new country and you hate it? That’s okay, you don’t have to stay there forever. Buy a pair of shoes you don’t like? Return them! Seriously. I know I am comparing moving and shoes but the same thoughts are at play. You don’t buy the shoes because you aren’t sure. You know you need them and want them, but you aren’t sure if they are right. Are they going to go with everything? Maybe you should just wear the ones you already have at home. Should you spend money on this? What if you really need that money for something else? What if you buy them and you hate them or they don't go with anything or they are uncomfortable? SHIT. Then what?

Do you see where I’m going with this? It’s all the same. All these decisions are going back and forth about all the possibilities of everything. SO many things can happen. That’s life. Procrastinating from making a decision is another way to sit on the sidelines of your life and not be an active participant. Try it. Make decisions. When someone asks you where you want to go for dinner - don’t say “I don’t know, what were you thinking” Tell them what you want. You probably know. Listen to yourself. I don’t care if it’s shoes or dinner or breaking up with your boyfriend, quitting a job, signing up for a pilates class or calling your mom back - just do it. It’s that simple. Things might go wrong, but they might also go the way you want.

Give this a try: Tell someone about it or write your ideas out or talk to yourself in the mirror (yes really) Pretend you have made that decision. How do you feel having made it? When describing it, how does it feel? What does your life look like if you envision yourself having gone down that route?

Don’t let the fear of getting something wrong stop you from moving forward.


Tired of waiting to make decisions? Send me a message and let’s chat. I will give you a free 30 minute breakthrough session to bust though your decision making mental blocks. Isn't it time you stopped talking about how you are the worst at making decisions and instead talk about all the great things you have done?