At what point do we stop thinking we are capable of absolutely anything?

At what point do we stop thinking we are capable of absolutely anything?

At what point do we stop trying new things because we don’t want to fail?

Because we are worried what someone else will say about it?

Because we don’t want to be judged?

Because we don’t think we can do it.

Or maybe we are afraid to even try.

When we are younger and someone asks “what do you want to be when you grow up” You don’t say "well I want to be president, but…” “well I want to be a doctor, but I can’t” “well I want to be an artist but...”

You don’t give the "buts". You just say what you want to be. A police officer, an artist, a pilot, a zookeeper - there are just ideas and options and anything is possible.

Why does that stop? YES life happens. We get older. We have bills. We have responsibilities. OF COURSE. But what about that spirit of trying new things, dreaming, going after something without hesitation, fear of messing up or failure. THAT doesn’t have to go anywhere. So why let it?

You can still be that person you left behind long ago.

Don’t stop having dreams because you are afraid you might be disappointed or you might fail.

Yea, sure you might be disappointed and YES you are probably going to fail and mess up. Or maybe you start and it turns out completely differently. BUT WHO CARES? You do it, you try it, you mess up, you learn and then guess what? You try the next thing. 

Anyone in your life that needs to hear this message? Share away!  And PLEASE remind yourself on the days that you are scared or worried about getting something wrong, messing up, failing, not being perfect or doing it the "right way." It's okay - we all mess up and we learn and succeed and sometimes we fail again. That person you want to be - she is on the other side of taking a risk and trying something new. Why don't you go hang out with her? I hear she's pretty cool.