How to take a compliment, even when it makes you feel uncomfortable.

I love giving out compliments. I see someone with killer lipstick in the grocery store? I tell them I love it. I don’t walk around saying I like things when I don’t and hate when other people do. Ever have someone give you a fake compliment? I have. It’s awkward and weird and leaves you thinking “Who is this a**” You can tell the difference. I’m not talking about when it’s fake, I’m talking about when it is real and it is genuine. I notice often enough that if it’s me giving one or I just overhear a compliment, sometimes people (especially us women folk) have a hard time taking it. We feel uncomfortable, weird, or just don’t know how to respond.

What I hear/see when compliment giving:

  • “Oh really… do you think so??”
  • laugh/giggle then “no…”
  • downplay whatever someone is complimenting you on by pointing something else out

Example: Stranger/Friend: You have such beautiful hair. Response: oh! thank you…yea, I wish I could do more with it though. Example: Stranger/Friend: I really love your top Response: Thanks - I got it on sale for 15 dollars. I wish I could be more stylish. Example: Stranger/Friend: You have such great legs, so fit Response: Thanks, but ugh I wish my arms were more toned

Instead of that, TRY THIS:

  • “Thank you”
  • “Thank you so much!”
  • “That’s nice of you to say, thanks”
  • Or just “Thanks!”

When someone says you are really good at something, they are impressed with how you (fill in the blank with impressive things you do, they love your (fill in blank with all the lovable things about you) JUST SAY THANK YOU!

You don’t have to create a whole story. You don’t have to downplay.

If you have a great top, rock it. If you are beautiful, rock it. If your lipstick looks amazing today, own it, If you are great at math - GO YOU and come out to dinner with me because it's always good to have someone to split the group tab. If someone gives you a compliment, take it!!!

No, buts No explanations No second guessing No trying to make yourself small because you don’t think you deserve it or don’t want to outshine someone.

Sure, It can be a bit uncomfortable sometimes if someone says something to you that’s nice and you aren’t used to hearing or you feel like you shouldn’t.

Let yourself shine. (I know that sounds cheesy, but I’m serious) Own it. Say thank you.

The sooner you can take a compliment the sooner you will really believe what another person is saying about you and that compliment they gave you. YES, you are pretty. YES, you are smart and good at things, YES you are talented. Thank you and The End.