10 things to say sayonara to in 2016

The 10 things you need to say sayonara to in 2016...drum roll please...

1. People you don’t like but hang out with anyway

2. Saying yes when you want to say no

3. Comparing yourself to others (your career, your job, your relationships, ALL THE THINGS)

4. Drinking when you don’t actually want a drink but all your friends are. Eating when you don’t want to eat, but all your friends are. Or eating salad when you want a burger. Eat the damn burger. Eat the salad/pizza/kale/chicken wings. What you want not what someone else says you should/everyone else is getting/you think you are going to get fat from this one meal.

5. Saying “tomorrow” when you could do it today.

6. Your long lists of excuses

7. Perfectionism. It’s okay to be good not great at something.

8. Checking your phone first thing in the morning. At least pee or drink some water first, okay?

9. Not taking care of yourself when we both know how much you take care of other people. You need some love too.

10. The voice in your head that says you aren’t good enough or smart enough or thin enough or pretty enough. F*ck off voice. Say it out loud and with me NOW - F*CK OFF VOICE.

Bonus = 11. You decide. What do you need to leave in 2015? What do you need to let go of and say goodbye to? Is it a person, a habit, a way of thinking, a dress you never wear? GOODBYE negative things that make you feel bad, hold you back and take up your energy. HELLO good things. See you in 2016!