Adam Jang
I changed change my mindset from “I should be doing more” to “I am, and am doing, enough
— Past coaching client

“I am more in peace with my body and the way I look.” - Cindy


"Now that I’m on my own path, its like a huge weight has been removed (cliché, I know but true). The side of me that was anxious all the time is much quieter. I don't shrink away anymore. Previously, I tended to have this all or nothing type thinking, which usually meant I got nothing done. I’m still working on this skill but it is 100 times better than it was before.”

- Rebecca

Thank you! I love the way you frame movement and health - it has helped me make shifts in the way I exercise. I’m also grateful for your inclusive framework and calling out the bullshit of diet & fitness culture. Thanks for your support and attention - you are a gift!
— Julie W.
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"Kim has knowledge, and power. She is super good at keeping you on track and reminding you that you are good enough and every little thing counts."

“Kimberly has such a positive attitude and really cares about your experience. She is authentic and not at all about diet/fitness bs” - anonymous

“It was just what I needed and when I needed it. I feel nourished” - Emily

“I am much more present in my life “ - Lian

“I felt so powerful and excited and inspired." - Past client

"I want to thank you for helping me through this phase. I am thinking of it as ‘finding myself again’. I know, sounds a lot like ‘eat, pray and love’-bullshit. But it does describe best what I am going through. Having lost all the routines of my former life and finding myself in a place where there is little to rely on with respect to what I was used to do, is like learning to walk again after an accident. And finding the strength in my legs. So you are my temporary crutches. Thanks Kim.” - Past coaching client

“I am now kinder to myself”  - Rozanne

“I feel more confident about the changes I’m making in my life.” - Past coaching client

Thank you for a community that supports, validates, and reinforces that I am good enough- Past group program participant

“I learned that I’m worth taking care of” - Past client

"Kim’s words are as real as it gets." — Arun

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“You embraced me with such compassion” - Christina

“Kim's no-BS approach has created a community of people all about celebrating any personal victories, without the shame that unfortunately is tied in with a lot of health spaces.  - past client

“Kim’s approach has really supported me to feel confident about the way I move, exercise and my overall body image. So refreshing to spend time in a space where the aim isn’t some specified version of ‘health’ or ‘fitness’”. - Anonymous

“Kimberly is a fabulous coach on health and body issues who speaks real truth to the diet industry and all the crap which makes us feel bad about ourselves”  - Sharon

“I've done one of her movement challenges in the past and it was terrific--motivating, inspirational, supportive, and still down to earth. I highly recommend it! “ - Raven

"Kim is a great non-sugar-coated cheerleader. Also, she's more genuine, most coaches are too instagram-filtered in the way they show their lives and progress." - Chelsea

“You were able to get to the point within our first hour which is pretty amazing as I know I have a tendency to ignore talking/thinking about things that are too difficult to face. While sometimes, they might not be so difficult with a little help. I like your approach, your style and let’s not forget your language which allows me to say f*ck and s*it when I need to!” - Anneke

“Kimberly is ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING HUMAN BEINGS EVER and can motivate people just by breathing” - Maria

“Bright energy and raw passion for helping everyone” - past group program participant

“Open and honest. Genuine desire to help people be comfortable with themselves. Her spirit is contagious” - Past client

Talking to Kim has really helped me sort through my priorities. I have had several large decisions to make recently and her coaching has allowed me to look at my options objectively. She is excellent at cutting through the BS - whether it's outside pressures, or personal excuses. Kim is easy to talk to, and has a way of making you think of your issues in a new light. I recommend Kim to anyone struggling with indecisiveness, insecurities, eating issues, and those feeling stuck in a rut. - Sara

I have been described my friends, clients, and colleagues as:

Dedicated, fun, kind, hilarious, honest, compassionate,
Real AF, intelligent, vivacious, unfiltered, bold,
enthusiastic, driven, genuine, strong, direct, tenacious. 

I will always show up as myself when we work together and I want to invite you to show up as yourself.
All the parts - even the ones you don’t like. I still like them.
They are welcome here. Even the ones that get you in trouble. Bring your whole self. I'll bring mine. We will laugh, maybe cry, be vulnerable. We are in this together. I'm here.