Hi!! I'm Ashlee or as others might know me on insta - Lifestyle Change barbie! 


"A year from now, you will wish you had started today"

My name is Ashlee. Follow me on instagram here: www.instagram.com/lifestylechangebarbie. I'm here to share my passion for healthy living and to inspire you to live your best life. I don't believe in diets, but I do believe in lifestyle change. I'm here to make friends and share success + inspiration.. #loveandlight

I know diets don't work. I'm all about lifestyle change. I just got done with whole30. I love it. I FEEL SO GOOD! omg. It's kind of tough at the start because you have to cut out so much, but I love how it makes me feel. It's so nice not being on a diet, but just eliminate processed food, you know? My mind feels so clear and it's so great. I want to help other women live their best life through healthy living. 

I don't tell anyone but I secretly weigh myself every day and get really stressed out because the number only goes down *sometimes*. I don't say that out loud though because I only talk about how good I feel. 

I LOVEEEEE girls empowerment. I just want girls to feel good about themselves, you know? It's so great that we have plus size models now and positive messages. I don't feed my kids sugar though. Sugar is so addictive. It's like cocaine. It's so bad for us all and it's hidden in everything. ugh. Giving up sugar has completely changed my life. I'm all about balance though. #treatyoself 

- I love supporting organizations that work with girls!!! 
- I watch Dove commercials and think "YES, I love this, but also think ew, they should probably lose some weight" I would never say that out loud though. I don't want to be negative, but it's what I think. I want people to feel good, but that's not healthy. 
- I don't want my daughter to be fat. I say I accept all bodies but I think fat people are gross. Like why don't you just go to the gym more?
- I don't see color. We are all just humans. #loveandlight

**This is a project to challenge you to think about diet culture and the "wellness" industry differently. It is completely satire. I don't believe in anything Ashlee aka lifestyle change barbie does. If you want to learn more about me, check out my manifesto or read about me here. The sign up below will get you on my real mailing list where my goal is to help women stop feeling less shitty and question the bullshit messages we hear and tell ourselves day in and day out. I work with women one on one and in group programs to facilitate this change. You can trust your body. Free workbook when you sign up. Any questions, email me at info@kimberlyweiss.com