Hi, I’m Kim. I’m a teacher, writer, speaker, and body positive advocate. I work with intelligent, kind, committed women who ALWAYS want to do the right thing. The trouble is our urge to do right and be excellent can sometimes be used against us - often by us. We apply external body and beauty expectations against ourselves. It causes real and lasting harm. This is not what we want to pass onto future generations of girls and our daughters. This is not how we want to live our lives. 

You don’t need to be perfect. I know you want to be THE BEST at everything (and you usually are!) You love when people tell you how good you are doing and how great you look. I know most of the time that YES, you do have all your shit together. I also know it's exhausting. The striving for excellence in everything (fitness/family/friends and with what you eat/say/do) - It's SO much. 

You are not Good or Bad if you: 

  • Eat cookies at 11 PM when you are trying to avoid sugar.
  • Respond to all your emails/texts faster than other people.
  • You wake up at 5am to work out. 
  • You work out 1 time this week instead 5 times. (the exercise police isn't coming for you, promise).
  • You buy organic apples and like to eat kale.
  • You sleep in and don't change out of clothes you slept in until 1PM. (This last one I'm really talking about myself. SHH!) 

I've created this free workbook FOR YOU. It's a guide with questions, suggestions and ideas for you to utilize. There is no list of expensive ingredients to buy that you will never use in these pages. It is a simple, fun, easy workbook to get you to challenge expectations, set new goals and create change (not giving up or giving in or being any less fantastic. Just you - but with a bit more ease)