You don’t need to be perfect. I know you want to be. I know you want to be THE BEST at everything and that you love when people tell you how good you are doing and how great you look and know on the outside it looks like you have all your shit together. I know sometimes that YES, you do have all your shit together. I also know that the way you overthink EVERYTHING and view everything as GOOD or BAD isn't helping you. It hasn't in the past. It doesn't now and It won't in the future.  

You are not Good or Bad if you: 

  • Eat a few extra cookies at 11 PM when you are trying to avoid sugar.
  • Respond to all your emails/texts/messages faster than other people.
  • You wake up at 5am to work out. 
  • You work out 1 time this week instead 5 times. (the exercise police isn't coming for you, promise).
  • You buy organic apples and like to eat kale.
  • You sleep in and don't change out of the clothes you slept in until 1PM. 

Putting pressure on yourself to be perfect/do ALL the things with your life, workouts and what you eat is never going to help you. Want to work on this? Awesome! I've created this free work book FOR YOU. Sign up below. If you are looking to manifest self love (what does that even mean?) or go on a juice cleanse, this is not for you. Bye now! BUT If you are a normal woman that is tired of feeling bad because you like to eat bread, sometimes look in the mirror and think "UGH, I wish I had less arm fat" or just constantly put pressure on yourself to do ALL the things (be the best mom/sister/friend/wife/gf/employee/boss) than WELCOME. Hi friends! This is an effective, fun, easy workbook for you to get to to think, move forward, figure out what works/doesn't and make a change.