Your body and your life are not a committee decision. 

Hi, I’m Kim! (waves hello). I’m a coach, writer, speaker, and advocate for people being allowed to exist without being told everything about them needs to be fixed. I work with smart women that are into body positivity, but still struggle with their food and body and are tired of feeling like sh*t.

You are good enough.

You deserve to trust yourself and your body.

You don’t have to be perfect to be lovable.

You aren’t a problem.

Want to work on believing this? I’m here. Let’s chat.

You don’t need to run 5 miles today because you ate pizza last night.

You aren't "Good" or "bad" if you worked out 1 time or 5 times this week. 

Being perfect, committed and excellent is exhausting and leaves little time for you to do what you wanna do.

A number on the scale will not change your entire life.

It's okay if you ate cookies at 11PM last night. 

This is not what we want to pass onto future generations of girls and our daughters

This is our work together. Let's get started.

One Time Session

75 minutes together with someone that will listen, understand and do the work WITH you, You walk away feeling supported and confident. NOT shamed or judged. I have your back. I trust you and your body - so can you.

Three Months 


Meet every other month for 3 months. Deeper conversations, accountability & support. Truth, bold moves, love, challenges + giving you what you REALLY need that you have been searching for in diet programs and perfection. We can do this.

Women Coming Together


There is magic when women join together to dive into diet culture, breaking down perfection and writing new rules for doing what we want to do. Sign up here for my next group program. Let's stop passing body and beauty expectations to our girls.


You don’t need to go for a run tomorrow to make up for eating bread at dinner.


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