You can’t tell someone’s health or VALUE based on how they look. 

Food is not “good” or “bad.” Sometimes it makes you feel one way, sometimes another. Giving it a moral value isn’t helpful.

Movement should be about finding something you enjoy doing and makes you feel good. Never about doing something just because you think you should or because it burns x amount of calories. Find what you like and do that. 

Walking is phenomenal movement. So is laying on the floor stretching for 5 minutes. It’s not about ALL the things or perfection. 

You will have bad body days and just plain bad days. That is normal. We all do. 

You are enough. 

Dieting culture and society is always telling us what to do and how. Listen to yourself. Be your own guide. You know what is best for you. YOU and no one else knows your body.

Another diet is not going to “help you break free.” Even it is wrapped in a sparkly pink bow and someone pretty and thin is selling it. I know you know this already. But trust that knowing. Listen to it. Take everything one step at a time. 

Perfectionism is NOT the route to healing. This work is hard and takes time. It’s worth it.

Loving your body (or even just kind of liking it) is NOT conditional on weight loss, clean eating, counting macros or whatever the f people say you need to do. I'm NOT saying weight loss or gain or weight change is bad. I am saying it's not one or the other.

Staying stuck in diet mentality does not work. Before and after is not the solution. The solution lies in recognizing your body cues, trusting that voice and knowing that your weight will normalize when you are attuned to WHAT YOUR BODY ACTUALLY NEEDS.

Not everyone is going to like you or agree with you. That is okay. You do you. 

It’s just a cookie.