100 Things I Want to Say

Welcome! to #100ThingsIWantToSay. This is my social media project of…. wait for it… me saying the things I want to say! You can find them on Instagram @KimberlyWeiss and Facebook.

What it is:
A yearly personal project to share more of my thoughts with the world. Each day I will share something I want to say on social media. Maybe it will make some people angry. Maybe it will make someone smile. Maybe it will allow someone to feel seen and heard. Maybe it will make someone laugh. Maybe you will wholeheartedly agree. Maybe you will disagree. Maybe I’ll share with you a photo of cheese that I had for dinner because I don’t have anything to say that day. Who knows! Let’s see what happens.

These are 100 Things I Want To Say.

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   A little bit about me: 


Kim is a teacher, speaker and coach on a mission to dismantle diet culture and educate on the "wellness" industry. She works with smart women that are into body positivity but still struggle with food + body and want to stop giving their power away + trust themselves so they don’t pass on BS body + beauty rules to the next generation. She can be found on Instagram @KimberlyWeiss + @lifestylechangebarbie and on her podcast F Your Diet. 

"Kim is a great non-sugar-coated cheerleader. She's more genuine. Most people are too instagram-filtered"  
 “Very warm and compassionate but also a fantastic BS detector!” 
"Bright energy and raw passion for helping everyone"