Summer Special
1 Hour, $100 USD. 

I work with smart people who overthink, focus on perfection and are tired of feeling guilty for eating an extra cookie + "only" going to the gym one time this week. You can stop being an asshole to yourself - no sugar cleanse or vision board needed. 

I am offering a summer special for the rest of August. WOOHOO! These sessions are best for people that need someone to come in, laser focus into what is going on so they can walk away feeling motivated, understood and have a plan to move forward with whatever they need.

I help people with letting of perfection, figuring out what "health" means and take steps to stop comparing themselves to others. Let's dig into what is really going on so you can stop feeling exhausted by trying to be the best version of yourself for everyone. You are enough as you are. Sometimes this shows up with food and fitness, but it also shows up with friendships and relationships. Wouldn't it also be great to you know also maybe eat what you wanted to eat and moved how you want to move? (hint: you can eat a burger when your friends order salad. You can order a salad when your friends order a burger.)  I likely won't offer this again at the same price/time so if interested, get on it! 

I am learning to do what I want and need to do! I really appreciate your support and insight. I am so happy to be OK WITH OK and actually really loving it. I’ve had moments when I wanted to feel GOOD and didn’t and wanted to be OK and wasn’t. I’m finally now learning how to take things slower being OK with OK and most importantly self care - I never realized how I was putting everyone and everything wayyy ahead of me and not taking care of myself.
— Megan
You were able to get to the point within our first hour which is pretty amazing as I know I have a tendency to ignore talking/thinking about things that are too difficult to face. While sometimes, they might not be so difficult with a little help. I like your approach, your style and let’s not forget your language which allows me to say f*ck and s*it when I need to!
— Anneke

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