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Hi, I’m Kim. I’m a teacher, writer, speaker, and body positive advocate. I work with intelligent, kind, committed women who ALWAYS want to do the right thing. The trouble is our urge to do right and be excellent can sometimes be used against us - often by us. We apply external body and beauty expectations against ourselves. It causes real and lasting harm. This is not what we want to pass onto future generations. This is not how we want to live our lives. We want to be ourselves, express ourselves and finally do those things we always talk about doing. This is our work together. Learn more about me and this work here

Thank you for for your interest in resources. I will add more over time. If you have any you would like to see on this list, please reach me at

I am not qualified to treat people with eating disorders.
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There is no one right way to feed a body. A healthy body comes in multiple sizes. Healing is at the heart of this. Healing does not come in a one size fits all meal plan. There isn’t one contributor, but often society as a whole. We compliment women on smallness. We compliment people on size. We label foods and good or bad. Though not everyone has an eating disorder, there is a lot of disordered eating going on in society so we should not be shocked that this is the result. The individual is not to blame. It is not their fault. We live in a culture constantly telling us what is wrong with us. I believe we can make a change and there is another option. We are all in this together and we can make a change together. I believe in us.