Movement Coaching Program

This is a four week individual coaching program focused on mindset and movement for all bodies anywhere in the world. Maybe you want to introduce movement into what you are doing. Maybe you already move regularly but want more consistency. Maybe you are tired of the ALL the things vs. NOTHING and netflix. The workout 5x a week or the F everything plan. This is for people that want to figure movement out without being told to incinerate body fat or they have to buy a package and must go 3x a week for full benefit and then you do that for a month, feel amazing and then stop. Let's get off THE PLAN and make your own one. It's about finding ways to move that you love, exploring what feels good, celebrating your success, honest conversation and it's free of comparison and shame

NO To:
- Bullshit
- before and after photos that teach you success only if your body looks one way. Or body measurements that do the same.
 -perfection. (There are plenty of other people selling that to you at a premium price. NOT HERE.) 

YES to:
-motivation, fun, accountability, possible selfies.
-support, exploration, being flexible (I don’t mean actually with my body - have you seen me try yoga!?)
- not comparing yourself to others.
- Freedom, choice and doing what feels good for you (not what your best friend does. F your best friend. Ok I'm sure she's great, but, I only care about you right now).

I changed my mindset from “I should be doing more” to “I am and I am doing enough
— 2017 participant
I’m more compassionate with myself now
— 2017 participant

Who is this for? 

You don't need to do dietbet and measure your worth by the scale. You don't need to join the challenge that takes your measurements because "they don't believe in weight", but still believe in the only way to "health" is weight loss. You do want support. You do want it to be enjoyable. You do want to feel good. I'm here to support you find movement that feels good and works for you and explore the voice that tells us we aren't good enough when it comes up. 

I am most proud of not beating myself up and learning to let go of ideas of what’s good
— 2017 participant

What you will get: 

  • 1 weekly coaching call. Just you and me going through what is coming up for you, challenges you are facing, where you feel stuck, why that voice keeps coming up that tells you are aren't good enough or didn't do enough and of course we will celebrate successes.
  • 1 formal weekly email to talk about the focus of the week, check in, reflect, motivate, share ideas, provide advice and tips and most importantly meet you where you are at with what you need. Compassion, listening, a pep talk. 
  • 2x a week email check-ins to make sure you are getting what you need, feel heard and can ask questions and share what you are up to.
  • Worksheets (woo!) Get started planner, Calendar and accomplishment tracker.  

Here is a sample of what we will be focusing on each week.

Week 1: Clarity and planning: We focus on making plans and setting ourselves up for success. This is not about black and white thinking or go go go do all the things and then burn out. We will find the sweet spot that works for you - no matter what that is. We focus on you, not what your best friend/sister/colleague or anyone else in this group does. 

Week 2: Trying new things and experimentation: This week we focus on doing something new. No matter if we are new to movement or always on the move. This is a chance to revisit beginners mindset. Maybe it's a walk, maybe it's hula hooping, maybe it's that class you have been saying for 5 months that you really want to sign up for, but you haven't gotten around to. This week is about trying something new, play and experimentation. 

Week 3: Staying committed. This week we focus on follow through. We let go of that voice that is telling us we didn't do enough or we are behind or "crap we started off so well in week 1 and now we suck" nope, none of that. This is about rethinking movement and how we talk to ourselves. We will figure how how to stay committed and let go of the pressure of perfection and shame and "not enough."

Week 4: Finishing strong and moving forward. This week is all about putting together the tools from the last 3 weeks and keeping the momentum going. This isn't a Hey just do this one thing for 4 weeks so you feel good and never again. Over the last few weeks you will have learned a lot about your body and finding work feels good. You will be able to take these lessons forward through the rest of 2018.

More logistics and information: 

  • There is no prescribed movement or rules or musts or shoulds or have to's. I am not a personal trainer and I'm going going to tell you any 1 type of activity is better. 
  • All movement is absolutely welcome - rock climbing - great! training for a race - great! Laying on the floor for 10 min and stretching while also scrolling instagram - also great. I like to help people redefine what "counts" because I know there is a lot of noise around this and it can keep us in cycles of not feeling good enough/feeling behind. . 
  • You will get worksheets every week to fill out and a getting started planner and calender. 
  • The goal is for you to find joy in movement and move you body every day in way that feels good.
  • I will be available over email for 2x a week check ins and we will do a 1x a week call. 


Cost = 390 USD. (Can be paid in installments)