May Movement Challenge: an invitation to rethink movement and take action

The Plan
Four weeks: May 11th - June 7th

This is a four week online group program welcome to all bodies anywhere in the world. It is for people that want to get back into movement, are already into movement or want to spend time with fun people without all the BS and shame that often comes with fitness spaces and activities. It's about finding ways to move that you love, exploring what feels good, celebrating our success, honest conversations and it's free of comparison

I changed my mindset from “I should be doing more” to “I am and I am doing enough
— 2017 participant

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NO To:
- Bullshit
- before and after photos that teach you success only if your body looks one way. Or body measurements that do the same.
 -perfection. (There are plenty of other people selling that to you at a premium price. NOT HERE.) 

YES to:
-motivation, fun, accountability, friends and probably some selfies.
-support, exploration, being flexible (I don’t mean actually with my body - have you seen me try yoga!?)
- not comparing yourself to others.
- Freedom, choice and doing what feels good for you (not what your best friend does. F your best friend. Ok I'm sure she's great, but, I only care about you right now).

A movement challenge with all the fun and none of the hidden agendas.
— 2017 participant
I’m more compassionate with myself now
— 2017 participant
This is my Hello 2018 may movement challenge face/pose

This is my Hello 2018 may movement challenge face/pose


Who is this for? 

You don't need to do dietbet and measure your worth by the scale. You don't need to join the challenge that takes your measurements because "they don't believe in weight", but still believe in the only way to "health" is weight loss. You do want support. You do want it to be enjoyable. You do want to feel good. You want a fun, supportive community based group that is not focused on bs or comparison but is there for support, feeling good and experimenting. If this sounds like you and what you need, come join! I would LOVE to have you and celebrate and share movement together as a community. It can be isolating out there when you just want to workout and feel good and then you are bombarded with ways you should feel bad. NOT in this group. NOT in this program. Come join! 

What you will get: 

  • 1 weekly email to talk about the focus of the week, check in, reflect, motivate, share ideas, provide advice and tips and most importantly meet you where you are at with what you need. Compassion, listening, a pep talk or me to tell you I hate the person you hate. Here for all of it. 
  • Secret FB group so you can share/post updates in (if you want to), ask questions, etc. I’ll be posting daily as well and sharing videos and daily support and on going daily personal coaching for all participants.
  • Community of people doing this together that aren't going to make anyone feel bad. We share, support, cheer on and comfort each other. We can celebrate what we feel good about and talk about what we feel and about as well. 
  • Worksheets (woo!) Get started planner, Calendar and accomplishment tracker. 
  • Ask me anything optional 45 min group call - ANYTHING. Open book. 
  • Weekly FB live check ins to ask questions/hang out/dance party together.
  • Giveaway of 1 free "Quick and dirty deep dive" 75 min coaching session with me! You. Me. Chat. You can even eat pizza if you want while we talk about feelings. Just sign up and you are entered. 
  • A group free of before and after photos, content that makes you feel bad or behind or that there is an imaginary wagon you supposedly fell off of that. No wagons here - just normal people living their lives moving their bodies every day. 
I am most proud of not beating myself up and learning to let go of ideas of what’s good
— 2017 participant

Here is a sample of what we will be focusing on each week.
They all fold into each other and there is no such thing as falling behind. 

Week 1: Clarity and planning: We focus on making plans and setting ourselves up for success. This is not about black and white thinking or go go go do all the things and then burn out. We will find the sweet spot that works for you - no matter what that is. We focus on you, not what your best friend/sister/colleague or anyone else in this group does. 

Week 2: Trying new things and experimentation: This week we focus on doing something new. No matter if we are new to movement or always on the move. This is a chance to revisit beginners mindset. Maybe it's a walk, maybe it's hula hooping, maybe it's that class you have been saying for 5 months that you really want to sign up for, but you haven't gotten around to. This week is about trying something new, play and experimentation. 

Week 3: Staying committed. This week we focus on follow through. We let go of that voice that is telling us we didn't do enough or we are behind or "crap we started off so well in week 1 and now we suck" nope, none of that. This is about rethinking movement and how we talk to ourselves. We will figure how how to stay committed and let go of the pressure of perfection and shame and "not enough."

Week 4: Finishing strong and moving forward. This week is all about putting together the tools from the last 3 weeks and keeping the momentum going. This isn't a Hey just do this one thing for 4 weeks so you feel good and never again. Over the last few weeks you will have learned a lot about your body and finding work feels good. You will be able to take these lessons forward through the rest of 2018.

I was proud to be part of it
— 2017 Participant
It was a fun, fail proof way to connect and get your body moving in a safe environment.
— 2017 participant

More logistics and information: 

  • There is no prescribed movement or rules or musts or shoulds or have to's. I am not a personal trainer and I'm going going to tell you any 1 type of activity is better. 
  • All movement is absolutely welcome - rock climbing - great! training for a race - great! Laying on the floor for 10 min and stretching while also scrolling instagram - also great. I like to help people redefine what "counts" because I know there is a lot of noise around this and it can keep us in cycles of not feeling good enough/feeling behind. 
  • I will send an email at the start of each week which in this case will be on a Friday. 
  • I will invite you to the secret FB group 2 days before we start (you do not have to join, but that is where a lot of the action will be happening)
  • You will get worksheets every week to fill out and we will share and talk about the content in the group for those that want to participate in the discussion.
  • The goal is for you to find joy in movement and move you body every day in way that feels good.
  • We we do our own movement that feels good every day and share it, explore what mindset road blocks and "not good enough" messages pop into our heads (I get them too, don't worry!), support each other, try new things, make friends.
  • It's community support, redefining the rules of movement, moving every day, making friends and digging into the deeper whys of our perfectionism when it pops up. Above all it's fun because without joy, what are we doing? I would love to have you join us. 




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(Any ?'s - and I'll get you sorted ASAP!)


Have no idea who I am and wondering what it's like to work with me? Here is what clients say: 

  • "Kim is a great non-sugar-coated cheerleader. She's more genuine. Most people are too instagram-filtered in the way they show their lives and progress." - Chelsea
  • “Very warm and compassionate but also a fantastic BS detector!” - Rebecca
  • "Bright energy and raw passion for helping everyone " - Past program participant
  • "She was very supportive and encouraged you to participate. Her no BS approach is refreshing." - Lindy
  • “Open and honest. Genuine desire to help people be comfortable with themselves. Her spirit is contagious” - Past client

Q: Will you be going this again?
A: Not in 2018, but in 2019 I will. So if you want in, get IN. You don't have to "be in shape" before you join. Come as you are. All people welcome. All bodies welcome. All abilities welcome. Running 5 miles is equal to laying on the floor and meditating for 5 min. There are no rules about what is "good enough" we do what works for us. We support each other. We challenge ourselves and we don't shame.

Q: Why am I doing this? 
A: I love movement and it has been a huge part of my own healing journey with my body and my mental health. I want to help more people. I love what happens when people come together to support each other. It's pretty awesome. There are so many fitness programs and challenges that leave people feeling crappy if they don't hit a certain goal. This is not about that. This is for those that want something different and want a long term shift instead of a short term solution.

Q: I'm scared. What if people judge me? 
A. People do really suck sometimes, right!? I hear you. I don't associate with assholes and they are not allowed to this party. If someone acts like an ass I will not allow them to continue. This is not going to be about judgments or comparing ourselves to others. I will fiercely protect and care for the space I create with you. I have a no BS or a**hole rule I follow. 

Q. Can I still participate if I don't want to join the secret FB group? 
A. Of course! But I would love to have you in there because it will be a welcoming online space for a month. If you only want the emails, that sounds good to me too! No pressure - just what works for you. I want you do join in whatever way feels best and I'll make sure you get the information you need.