July Movement Challenge: an invitation to rethink movement and take action. 

The Plan. 
4 weeks. 1 month. July 1 - July 31
Cost = FREE

NO To:
- Bullshit
- before and after photos that teach you success only if your body looks one way. 
 -perfection. (There are plenty of other people selling that to you at a premium price. NOT HERE.) 

YES to:
-motivation, fun, accountability, friends and probably some selfies.
-support, exploration, being flexible (I don’t mean actually with my body - have you seen me try yoga!?)
- not comparing yourself to others.
- Freedom, choice and doing what feels good for you (not what your best friend does. F your best friend. I only care about you) 

That's you jumping for joy because of how much you love this Free challenge. Sign up below. 

That's you jumping for joy because of how much you love this Free challenge. Sign up below. 

What will happen: 

  • 1 weekly email every monday to check in, reflect, motivate, share ideas, pick you up if feeling down + other goodies 
  • Secret FB group so you can share/post updates in (if you want to), ask questions, etc. I’ll post videos in here as well is offering advice and coaching and sharing ideas of my own. 
  • Worksheets (woo!) Get started planner, Calendar and accomplishment tracker. 
  • Chance to win a Free "Quick and dirty deep dive" 90 min coaching session with me! You. Me. Chat. You can even eat pizza if you want while we talk about feelings. 

Q: Will you be going this again?
A: Maybe, but it probably won't be free if I do. Im experimenting because this feels fun to me and I want to give you something free. 

Q: why am I doing this? 
A: I love movement and it has been a huge part of my own healing journey with my body and my mental health. I want to help more people. I love what happens when people come together to support each other. It's pretty awesome. 

Q: I'm scared. What if people judge me? 
A. People do really suck sometimes, right!? I hear you. I don't associate with assholes and they are not allowed to this party. If someone acts like an ass I will not allow them to continue. This is not going to be about judgments or comparing ourselves to others. 

Q. Can I still participate if I don't want to join the secret FB group? 
A. Of course! But I would love to have you in there because it will be a welcoming online space for a month. If you only want the emails, that sounds good to me too! No pressure - just what works for you.