Don't Lose Your Shit: A Holiday get together for awesome humans

The Plan.
1 week. December 11 - 17
Cost = $22 USD

-A chance to come together talk about feelings and feel less crazy during a crazy time of year.
-be accepted for whatever feelings you have excited, sad, stressed, overwhlemed, thrilled, disapointed. 
- so you don’t start January saying “I am so gross, I’m awful, I'm so behind” or feel like crap because of comparing yourself to others
- support to help you stay grounded and not take in other people's nonsense and commentary.  

We will talk about Family and all that comes along with them. 

  • comments, commentary, chats and the "helpful" things people say. AKA How to deal with grandma/your best friend/inlaws
  • setting up and sticking to boundaries vs. enjoying time with them. 
  • not being triggered/overwhelmed and what to do if you are. (Because you are a NORMAL human and your reactions are too). 
  • what to do when you want to punch someone in the face (your racist uncle) or your mom that says you look "hearty" when you know she means fat and that makes you feel bad.

We will talk about Friends and navigating conversations around:

  • career and bodies 
  • marriage/relationships/babies/kids (KIDS: when are you having another? Are you having some? did you know that julia is in the honors program this year!? Marriage: Do you have a boyfriend? When are you getting married? You know so and so was a good guy...blah blah blah). 
  • how to have a good time and enjoy your holiday season without feeling bad after.
  • Being supportive of friends and accepting support no matter where you or them are at in your lives. AKA don't fall into the comparison trap and stay stuck there. 

We will talk about YOU

  • finding movement that feels good during the holidays and sticking with it if that feels best.
  • food and navigating what you want to eat. How to listen to your body during office parties/friend catch ups/your grandmother's cookies. 
  • setting personal goals (yay or nay), finding what works for you, and NOT having black and white thinking because you didn’t do the million things you needed to do in 2017 and now you are stressed and overwhelmed and are going to plan EVERYTHING to get done during the first three months of 2018. 

This is about not having an ALL OR NOTHING attitude or perfection during the holidays. You can see be amazing and great and a great friend/mom/sister/employee/all the things. But there is a middle ground and you don't have to lose yourself, not take care of yourself or be overwhelmed/feel behind. Start the last few weeks of the year with a bit more ease, with a plan for how to get done want you want and need to and an opportunity to NOT freak out about "ALL THE THINGS" you still have to do/need to get done. I don't want you to start January feeling bad/overwhelmed or that you are behind or need to make up for anything (including eating cookies). NO to starting January first saying "I am so gross. I am awful" with your huge list of resolutions about your body/relationship/career/family in hand. Resolutions are great if you like them. Feeling like shit is less great. Let's find the middle ground. 

That's you jumping for joy because of how much you love this Free challenge. Sign up below. 

What you will get:

- 7 days of daily videos with prompts/support/ideas/challenges (which you can ignore if you want to focus on making cookies or watching hallmark holiday movies).
- 2 Facebook lives answering questions/chatting with me.
- Facebook group with like-minded people who aren't going to talk about "how bad" they are for eating cookies. (If you want a container to talk about this - YES that's welcome. The food olympics where everyone talks about being "so bad" and everyone says "omg no you look great" is NOT ALLOWED. nope!) 
- Heaps of personal support and coaching from me whenever you need it over the 7 days. I will make sure you are supported in whatever way you need it. No fake cheerleading. No bullshit. No judgement. (about food, your body or ANYTHING else you want to bring up).
- workbook to take away with writing prompts (for doing during the live group) or taking away to do another time. ( also a great excuse to walk away from the table when folks are being annoying - "sorry I have to go to my workbook, bye now!" 

This is a no shame space. This is judgement free. 

   A little bit about me: 


"Kim is a great non-sugar-coated cheerleader. She's more genuine. Most people are too instagram-filtered in the way they show their lives and progress." - Chelsea 

 “Very warm and compassionate but also a fantastic BS detector!” - Rebecca

"Bright energy and raw passion for helping everyone  
and real talk! " - Past program participant 

"She was very supportive and encouraged you to participate. Her no BS approach is refreshing." - Lindy 



Q: why am I doing this? 
A: the "are people insane" and what is wrong with the world meter I have goes up during this time of the year. I KNOW it can be crazy. It can be all sorts of things. We often portray it as just a happy jolly time where we eat cookies and smile while cutting down xmas trees. Sure, it is for some. But not everyone. It can be a lot of things so I want to hold space for ALL of that and make sure that we can come together and not lose our shit  (but know that YES, it is okay if you do lose it sometimes as well). 

Q: Why is it only one week? 
A. I don't want this to be something you feel stressed about. If it's more than one week it might become something on a to-do list. This is more of a fun coffee morning get together in a cozy cafe drinking really delicious lattes, but VIRTUALLY and for a week. I'm confident that after one week of connecting with people that are also not crazy you will feel better equipped to deal with your family/friends/the voice in your head that tells you you need to lose 10 pounds before the end of the year so you can start it feeling "light and thin" and all the other voices that come up that tell you are aren't good enough or haven't done enough. Will this solve ALL your problems? NO! Will this be helpful and fun for 1 week - absolutely yes. 

Q. I still have more questions. 
A. Great, ask away. Email me directly at and I'll get back to you within 24 hrs. This week kicks off December 11th so get the ?'s in before then! 

Q. I'm in! How do I join? 
A. Sign up at one of the links on the page, confirm and then I'll send you an invoice. OR send me and email here: saying "I'm in" and I will get you registered and sorted.