Coffee Chats

Judgement free in person meet ups for
community, connection and laughs.

You know when you have a catch up with a friend and feel drained after?  It becomes a catch up with a person you don't really have anything in common with anymore. Maybe you have something going on that you want to share, but know they just won't really understand. Maybe you think that they will judge you or you don't want to sound stupid. Maybe you hold back because you know they are going to make a comment about what you are eating/ordering/saying/doing/parenting/teaching/working/all the things?

You want to spend time with awesome, kind, fun, smart people, have a break from you day, feel recharged, feel heard, have good conversations and maybe enjoy a coffee and cookie? - ME TOO. 

This is what coffee chats is all about.

  • 90 minute meet up with like-minded people where we can all just breathe a sigh of relief and be our messy fantastic selves

  • Enjoy a coffee/tea/cake/croissant/apple. Have water. Have nothing and just bring yourself. Whatever helps you feel best.

  • Each meet up will have a theme with guided questions to get conversation flowing (or you can sit back to listen and write)

  • Likeminded wonderful people that want you to show up just as you are.

  • There will be a chance to say hello, introduce yourself, chat, listen, learn and ask questions.

  • Discussion that will challenge you to think differently and reaffirm you where you need support and encouragement.

  • Space for honest conversations and a break from the pressure to show up perfectly and do everything the right way.


Example meet up themes are:

  • Being into body positivity and having bad body days. How to work though this and no it's not about loving your body every day.

  • WTF is listening to my body. If I listen to by body I will only eat cookies and never stop.

  • Teaching our kids/students/nieces/nephews how to be brave/bold/strong and love themselves (hint: starts with you).

  • Having courage and being brave. Speaking up for ourselves.

  • Boundaries (with ourselves, friends, family, ALL OF THEM)

  • Perfection - how it helps us, how it hurts us.

  • Movement, fitness, not letting the fitness tracker be the boss of us.



Upcoming dates:

  • February 2018 - Singapore.
    Theme: Stay in your own lane. Not comparing, your body, your life, you mom-ing, your friendships or anything else about you to other people.
    Includes: facilitated discussion, worksheet, cards, people that aren’t assholes and any materials you will need. If you have a favorite notebook and pen, bring it along!


  • 20 SGD person

  • You cover coffee/tea/snacks
    (or sneak in your own. I won't tell anyone!)



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