15 Min BS Breakthroughs

NO selling, NO pitch - just 15 min of chat! 

Hello there you awesome human!

I have a goal to talk to 100 people over the next few months. All free! NO sell. No pitch. Just 15 min. I would love to chat with you.

Learn how to listen to yourself and body when there is a constant stream of pressure + expectations about what you should eat/how you should exercise and every other detail about your life, your parenting and ALL the things. Many people love to be president of the let me tell you how to live your life club. I'm president of the do whatever the F you want with your life, your food and your body club. Want to chat? I do!!

Come with a question (or just your wonderful self) and walk away at least 1 actionable takeaway. (+ me most likely telling you how great you are.) 

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I have a tendency to ignore talking/thinking about things that are too difficult to face. While sometimes, they might not be so difficult with a little help. I like your approach, your style and let’s not forget your language which allows me to say f*ck and s*it when I need to!